e-Medical Center (HHIMS LITE)
for Private Medical Practitioners


What is e-MC (HHIMS LITE)?

e-Medical Center (HHIMS LITE) is a free and open source health information system descended from HHIMS (Hospital Health Information Management System) especially designed for use in private practice. This includes an Electronic Medical Record System, Patient Registration and a Pharmacy Management System. The system has been developed by the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka in partnership with the Office of the Regional Director of Health Services, Kegalle. The system was adapted from a WHO-designed database.

Standards and Databases
  • Health Level – 7 (HL7)
  • Lanka Interoperability Standards
  • International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC)
  • International Classification of Diseases – 10th Revision (ICD-10)
  • Village Level Data Base
Visit www.govforge.icta.lk for more details..

  • Fast

    From a single-user laptop in a doctor’s practice to a multi-user network in a large hospital, you can enter patient data faster like you write, and show it on the screen quicker than you can find the patient’s old card.

  • User friendly

    The secret of the system is simplicity. After the half-day training course, even new computer users are able to enter patient information, and choosing from lists such as diseases, drugs or villages takes the guesswork out of data entry.

  • Affordable

    The software license is free. The only costs are for hardware, installation and training.